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Thanks and farewell!

We're very sorry to say that it has come a time to draw a line under our Delishogram site. We have loved every submission, every drooling gorgeous photo and all our wonderful bloggers that we have got to know and follow.

We started this little adventure because we were tired of people's efforts being unfairly judged, we know the heart and soul that gets thrown in to making a food blog and we wanted to reward those efforts, without being snobbish and dismissing scrummy ideas, because maybe you couldn't afford a professional lighting solution, or perhaps you're just learning how to adjust your camera settings. We wanted to let people know that was ok, to not give up, to follow your passion and not worry if you used a funny angle for your composition. Because the scrumminess of food doesn't care what angle it gets served at.

Unfortunately the world just doesn't appear ready for Delishogram, even though we've built a terrific community and catalogue of recipes, it hasn't generated the interest we expected. So we are going to say farewell and refocus our efforts on new adventures, with some lovely new friends, some happy memories ... and some very full tummies.

With genuine thanks and best wishes for the future, to all our supporters.

The Delishogram Gang

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